You've had that incredible idea...

now what.


we envision your vision 
we engage with you and your team 
we expedite delivery of your concept to the world
Our Story...
We at high Rustler are here to help.  We are an engineering team for hire that has over 25 years experience in wrapping systems around ideas...
and driving it toward any milestone you may choose.
Whether that milestone is international compliance, production, legal protection or just solid consult, we can get you there.  
Modular Solutions

At high rustler systems, we believe that engineering is so much more than computer models and simulation. 

We know design inputs come from everywhere, not just some document and we engineer systems for the real world.  

There is something magical about watching any concept, especially your concept rise from the bench to become a product.

To do this we believe in doing everything we can do to get the prototype to the bench.  And the next. And the next.

We know in engineering, you are never ever d-o-n-e and will support all projects to their terminus.

We embrace any challenge.

We iterate, iterate, iterate

We never fall in love with one design until we've given it to the world, of course.

highRustler wants to develop for you, to put that first stake in the ground

We are a driven systems development team with a demonstrated history of bringing concept embedded systems to market and beyond...

We are strong in medical devices, research and development, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, all facets of electrical engineering, and Algorithms

our services

mechanical design



electronics design


  • analog, digital, power

  • Altium/CircuitStudio

  • Napkin to PCB


software development



systems development


our expertise

  • Solidworks

  • AutoDesk




  • Electrical Engineering
  • Analog Circuit Design
  • Digital Circuit Design
  • Power Circuit Design
  • ARM / Intel
  • FPGA Design - Xilinx
  • PCB Design
  • Hardware


  • Firmware
  • HDL; Verilog/VHDL
  • Embedded Software Design
  • C# .NET
  • C++ / C
  • JavaScript
  • Arduino
  • Android
  • Xamarin
  • Visual Studio


  • Neural Networks
  • Regulatory
  • Responsibility
  • AI Chat Bot
  • Algorithms
  • FDA

  • Design Control

  • Medical Devices





  • Internet Of Things (Iot)

  • Bluetooth


  • USB 2 / 3 

  • I2C / SPI





  • Optical Design

  • R&D

  • Product Development

  • Systems Engineering

  • Sensors

  • Integration

  • System Architecture

  • Engineering Management







our priorities


Agile development is an approach to development under which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customer(s)/end user(s).[1]

It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

The quality of being agile; the power of moving the limbs quickly and easily; quickness of motion






Level of excellence

A property or an attribute that differentiates a thing or person





Salt Lake City, UT

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